A 2-day Virtual Summit

for crucial stakeholders involved in the management, design, manufacturing, sourcing, funding, and regulation of the global semiconductor in​dustry

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The BOSS Event
Tuesday, September 10 & Wednesday, September 11
9:00am - 5:00pm ET    |    9:00am - 5:00pm ET

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BOSS Partners

In recent years, stakeholders have been riding a whirlwind, adapting from normal trading conditions to a sudden sales freeze caused by Covid-19, followed by an abrupt recovery that triggered acute component shortages in key markets, including automotive. An industry infamous for boom-and-bust volatility now faces further complications resulting from inventory overhang, rapid technological change, disruptive innovation, and market uncertainties.  

The semiconductor business is no longer safe from geopolitical, security, defense, military concerns, and government regulation. While exploring opportunities emerging from sectors like AI, always-on connectivity, and increased automation, the semiconductor industry faces its own challenges. 

The challenges include:

  • The exploding need for more computing power
  • The increasing complexity of chip designs and manufacturing processes
  • The need for significant investment in R&D and infrastructure
  • The prospect that CO2 emissions per logic tech node will double in 10 years – “Doing nothing is not an option.”
  • Increased awareness of the strategic importance of semiconductors, spurred by the Chips Act
  • Chips Act’s fallout (narratives such as “de-coupling” and “self-sufficiency” remain unquestioned)

Will the “global” semiconductor industry be restored again?

Who Should Attend?

BOSS is created for CEOs, executives, decision-makers, managers and thought leaders at electronics and high-tech enterprises, including OEMs, EMS providers, semiconductor suppliers, semiconductor equipment and materials vendors, EDA vendors, IP companies, software designers, component distributors, shareholders, investors, and government leaders from around the world.


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